Mars needs MacGyvers and MacGirlvers, resourceful, unflappable people capable of dealing with any challenge the planet throws at them. But pluck is not enough. To survive, they will need a detailed knowledge of their environment, and a deep understanding of the issues and tools they will need explore and settle the planet safely.

Mars: A Survival Guide is a 230 page Lonely Planet style travel book that tells what you need to know to see through as many Martian years as you like. Written from an Australian perspective, it draws on decades of scientific research, summarising the latest thinking in an engaging, entertaining way.

How do you get to Mars from Earth? Do you need to bring everything or does Mars have hidden resources? Do you need a dinner suit or space suit? How will you get around? Where will you live? What will you do for air, water and food? Will you be in mobile phone range? How fast is the internet? Does Amazon deliver? How will you earn your keep? How do you maintain harmony in the hab? What if there is Martian life?

Like the trusty guides emigrants to Australia and North America took with them in centuries gone by, Mars: A Survival Guide tells you everything you need know in setting off for a new world in this century.

For ages 14 to the centenarian (who will be only 58 in Martian years).




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